Ann Angel Eva Apelqvist

children's literature

We have a long history with children’s literature, from reading it to studying it to working with authors and illustrators of children’s books to get the word out to readers, educators, and librarians.

Winding Oak works with the talented creators of children’s books on this page, designing and maintaining websites, preparing printed materials, laying out promotional campaigns, and managing social media.

It’s a part of our mission and our passion to bring awareness of reading, literacy, and books to children and those who work with them. We believe that creating lifetime readers is one of the most important tasks we accomplish ... reading is an essential skill for life, as well as one of its deepest pleasures.

ann angel eva apelqvist
Avi Darice Bailer
avi darice bailer
Marion Dane Bauer Eileen Beha Aimée Bissonette
marion dane bauer eileen beha aimée bissonette
Karen Blumenthal Julie Bowe Jen Bryant
karen blumenthal julie bowe jen bryant
Lisa Bullard Mary Casanova Marsha Wilson Chall
lisa bullard mary casanova marsha wilson chall
Gennifer Choldenko Gennifer Choldenko's Al Capone Books Rick Chrustowski
gennifer choldenko gennifer choldenko's al capone books rick chrustowski
Caroline B Cooney Susan Cooper John Coy
caroline b. cooney susan cooper john coy
Karen Cushman Terri DeGezelle Kate DiCamillo
karen cushman terri degezelle kate dicamillo
Elaine Dimopoulos Rebecca Kai Dotlich Kelly Dupre
elaine dimopoulos rebecca kai dotlich kelly dupre
Loretta Ellsworth Kimberly Faurot Elizabeth Fixmer
loretta ellsworth kimberly faurot elizabeth fixmer
Candace Fleming Debra Frasier Heather Vogel Frederick
candace fleming debra frasier heather vogel frederick
Catherine Friend Jan Greenberg Sandra Jordan Stephanie Greene
catherine friend jan greenberg & sandra jordan stephanie greene
Nikki Grimes Michael Hall Melanie Heuiser Hill
nikki grimes michael hall melanie heuiser hill
Will Hobbs Lynne Jonell Liza Ketchum
will hobbs lynne jonell liza ketchum
David LaRochelle Joanne Linden Janet Taylor Lisle
david larochelle joanne linden janet taylor lisle
Barbara O'Connor Roxane Orgill Linda Sue Park
barbara o'connor roxane orgill linda sue park
Sheryl Peterson Marsha Qualey Candice Ransom
sheryl peterson marsha qualey candice ransom
Joanne Anderson Reisberg Eric Rohmann Laura Purdie Salas
joanne anderson reisberg eric rohmann laura purdie salas
Augusta Scattergood Anita Silvey Margo Sorenson
augusta scattergood anita silvey margo sorenson
Jane St. Anthony Melissa Stewart Jamie A. Swenson
jane st. anthony melissa stewart jamie a. swenson
Catherine Thimmesh Megan Whalen Turner Pamela S. Turner
catherine thimmesh megan whalen turner pamela s. turner
Catherine Urdahl Anne Ursu Elizabeth Verdick
catherine urdahl anne ursu elizabeth verdick
Maryann Weidt Laurel Winter Virginia Euwer Wolff
maryann weidt laurel winter virginia euwer wolff
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