About Winding Oak
Long, long ago, in a tiny computer drive far, far away ...
Winding Oak began on 8 August 1988 as a word processing firm. In those days, one spent more time at the DOS C:> prompt than in a program. To draw a line, one gave the X,Y coordinates and a line length. It was almost impossible to place a photo in a document. The hard drive was 10 Mb. Vicki and Steve Palmquist spent many hours experimenting, being frustrated, but reading everything we could find to help increase our skills.
As the technology matured, our services focused increasingly on writing, layout, and design. In 2000, we recognized that the Internet would play a pivotal role for most businesses, so we added web design to our list of services. In 2004, we added independent contractors (our Acorns) and emphasized a whole career, whole company approach for marketing and promotion.
Life's journey is winding indeed ...
Today, we offer print and web design to a variety of clients, including artists, children's book authors and illustrators, entrepreneurs, country clubs, musicians, non-profits, and small corporations. Our team of consultants is often called upon to create a promotional plan for individuals and organizations. We're working with blogs, social networking, video, podcasts, and strategizing about implementation. Our team of web editors can maintain your website. Our print designers create top-notch collateral materials: flyers, catalogs, books, newsletters, bookmarks, and business cards (as well as chocolate wrappers, CD covers, billboards, and blue ribbons).
We've become a full-service marketing and design firm. You'll find Winding Oak to be a valued member of your team.
Catherine Golden business card
one of our first business card designs
Margo Sorenson
one of our earliest website designs
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