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  Winding Oak is synonymous with Vicki and Steve but it's as big as you need it to be. Our team of consultants at Winding Oak named themselves Acorns and it stuck. Each team member brings a unique talent and area of expertise to our brainstorming sessions and our clients' careers.
Steve Palmquist Steve Palmquist
designer, programmer, strategist
Steve's early experiments with his chemistry set might have turned other children to less volatile pursuits (after his eyebrows grew back), yet he ventured on to dismantling watches and toasters and testing the limits of his Tonka Toys. Early interests do blossom … Steve remains a dogged researcher when it comes to website design and creative problem-solving applied to modern technical challenges. "Being able to take things apart and put them back together means truly understanding the systems with which you work."

Blending his art, theater, horticulture, and science backgrounds together, Steve is able to interpret the communication needs of others and match them to the most practical solutions via an innovative website and effective print design.
Vicki Palmquist Vicki Palmquist
designer, publisher
Vicki's been reading, writing, drawing, and planning ever since she can remember. While Steve was busy blowing up his chemistry set, Vicki was writing her first novel, Pigs in Space, published by her third grade teacher. She contributes to Winding Oak her experience within public and private libraries, bookstores, children's literature, architectural and law offices. The experiences gained through her background are useful for designing, writing about, and organizing the many aspects of her clients' web and print design needs.
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