What Our Clients Have to Say
Candice Ransom Steve and Vicki Palmquist are website wizards. Steve designed, with some input from me, my website years ago. As time went on, my work changed and I felt the look of my website should too. I had definite ideas and Steve considered them all. He also sent me to other websites for additional ideas. Gradually, I let go of many of my ideas and realized Steve's were spot-on. He understood I wanted a clean, simple website. We chatted back and forth, but Steve did all the heavy lifting and was endlessly patient. I'm so thrilled with my new website! Working with Steve is a pleasure. The Palmquists do terrific work. I highly recommend Winding Oak for website design.
Marion Dane Bauer

“I've been writing children's books for thirty years, and yes, I was well aware of the current wisdom that says we must get ourselves out there and tell the world about our books if they—and we—are to survive. The truth is, I didn't want to. All I wanted to do was to stay home and write more books. That was before Vicki and Steve created a web site for me … and brochures … and book marks … and a connection for teachers' guides. And finally, I began to catch on. I can stay home and write. And information about my books can be available without my constantly being out there in the world pushing it. What a gift! And what a gift it is to work with people who know and love children's books! Vicki was my student in a writing class once. Now I am hers in a how-to-promote-your-work-and-still-do-it class. And how grateful I am to learn.”

Kate DiCamillo

“Good news: Steve and Vicki Palmquist are passionate and knowledgeable about children's literature. Better news: they are amazingly organized and innovative. Best news: all of this passion and knowledge and organization and innovation is available to help further the career of writers and artists.”

Debra Frazier

“When I signed on to work with Vicki and Steve at Winding Oak, I did not realize that I would be joining a kind of 'dream team' for wandering authors and illustrators! They are supremely knowledgeable about the field and fearless in the face of the new 21st Century demands on writers. This combination of knowledge and courage is fortified by a willingness to learn anything that a challenge requires. In addition, they are cheerful, witty, and seem to know everyone everywhere. They have a passion for connecting people, interests and skills, so working with them immediately makes your own world larger. They are just the best.”

Nikki Grimes

“Working with Winding Oak is a dream, which is why I heartily recommend them to everyone I know. Steve and Vicki Palmquist offer the perfect marriage of hi-tech savvy, creativity, and a broad-based understanding of the children's book market and what makes it tick—knowledge which is critical to my business. While translating the ideas of their clients, they consistently demonstrate a special gift for enhancing those ideas while remaining true to the creative vision of the client. What I appreciate about them most, though, is their unstinting integrity. They do what they say they're going to do. Follow-through is everything to me, and it's something I've come to count on from Winding Oak.”

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