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  A bookmark can serve as a giveaway, something to autograph, a business card, a means of referring people to your website ... or a bookmark. It can be easy to carry, picked up time and again, and passed along.  
O'Connor Front   O'Connor Back
Barbara O'Connor's bookmark shares her personality, her philosphy, and her book covers. (2” x 8”, vertical)
Julie Bowe's bookmark matches her website design, which is reminiscent of her book covers. (2” x 6”)
Showcases Nikki Grimes' newest novels against the urban backdrop that informs her writing. (2” x 6”)
A bookmark highlighting Nikki Grimes' early chapter book series about Dyamonde Daniel. (2” x 6”)
Loretta Ellsworth's book In Search of Mockingbird inspired this design, reinforcing connections. (2” x 6”)
Marion Dane Bauer's book is about a little dog looking for a home and a boy looking for a dog. (2” x 6”)
Avi's bookmark for older readers; the reverse side features five novels. (2” x 6”)
Designing a bookmark for Catherine Thimmesh that would be "cool to use" for both boys and girls. (2” x 6”)
Beach-read romance novels by Catherine Clark deserve a light-hearted design. (2” x 6”)
Heather Vogel Frederick's funny and magical book about diamonds and toads ... of course. (2” x 8”)
The front side of Debra Frasier's bookmark reflects her love of nature and reading. (2” x 6”)
The reverse side features her book covers and website information. (2” x 6”)
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