Shopping Carts

Statistics show that a site visitor is more likely to make a purchase if you offer a way to click, order, and pay.

Winding Oak has experience with a variety of shopping cart formats. We are currently offering solutions via Paypal, Shopify, and WordPress.

Consider these aspects:
bullet   Your shopping cart needs to work on a variety of devices. Mobile e-commerce accounted for 37% of online purchases in 2014, increasing 50% over 2012. (Custora)
bullet Your shopping cart should match the branding of your website and printed materials, providing a seamless transition for your customers.

Security, both for you and your site visitor, is a critical consideration.


It works to your advantage to give your site visitors the ability to share your product information on social media.


Your shopping cart should allow the advantages offered by coupons, specials, and sales discounts.


They're not the most fetching part of your shopping cart, but you'll appreciate clear, easy-to-generate reports that will assist you with your banking and tax accounting.

It's important to treat your customers with the same care and respect that you would provide if they walked into your bricks-and-mortar store. Winding Oak will help you think through store navigation, customer relations, and the language used in your store to put customers at their ease and encourage sales.
Talk with us to determine how we can help you reach your customers with a well-designed shopping cart.
Rising Moon Farm
Rising Moon Farm shears their own sheep, creating beautiful yarns that are a pleasure to use.
Debra Frasier Bookstore
Debra Frasier sells frameable art prints, the illustrations from her popular books.
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