Social Media Management

Social media offers you the opportunity to demonstrate that you’re knowledgeable about your field. You can share your ideas, your depth of experience, and your advocacy for your clients’ concerns.

You can reach your current clients, customers, readers, and patrons as well as attracting new followers who may be converted into valuable connections.

Consider incorporating these aspects:
bullet   Your content strategy should be informative, useful, and interactive. Rather than reporting on your accomplishments and awards, focus on what your audience will find magnetic … how can you show them you are the go-to source for your area of expertise?

Mix it up. Provide content that's interesting for your different audiences.


Vary the type of posts. Videos, facts, questions, photos, polls, events, useful links … you can intrigue people you already know and those who discover you online.


Use your website as your home base, providing consistent information about and resources from your business. Use social media to drive people to your website. Provide links to your social media from your website.


Use a WordPress blog as an integrated part of your website. Frequently post short paragraphs of information that will enrich your content offerings. This will add variety to your social media posts and draw followers to your website where they can learn more about you and what you have to offer.

Winding Oak offers strategy for use of social media, brainstorming ideas for content, and coaching for you or your employees. How often should you post? What kind of content do you already have and what can you develop? How can you make the effort of social media fit into your workload?

If the time and focus needed for social media don’t fit into your workload, Winding Oak’s experienced social media managers can prepare monthly proposals of content for your approval, schedule posts and monitor comments, and provide analysis so you’re aware of the ways in which your goals are being addressed.

Talk with us to determine how we can help you reach out via social media.
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